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ComColors® training– 2 days

The ComColors module is simple, fun and educational to get to know yourself better and take possession of your own potential.

We integrate personality types into our training solutions in order to personalize our advices during our seminars. We therefore propose a first step centered on the trainee so that he identifies the behaviors linked to his personality type. Once this initial awareness has been achieved, the trainee is more available to understand their interactions with others. In a second step, we offer shorter modules focused on the operationality of  solutions according to the chosen themes.

Discover our module : ComColors  training- 2 days

Prerequisite : None

Method : Hybrid training program (face to face, digital training)

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  • Become aware of the differences in perception between the different types of personality
  • Get one’s message heard by very different people
  • Motivating people one is in contact with
  • Learn how to deal with conflict
  • Have work teams working well together
  • Identify one’s value in a team
  • Know how to use the different colors of the personality
  • Use the communication filters adapted to the person you’re talking to
  • Know how to manage your own energy level and stress
  • Decode the conditional and negative behaviors of his interlocutor and know how to respond to them
  • Being able to maintain a quality relationship even in conflict situations
  • Know how to satisfy the deep motivations of our interlocutors


  • ComColors questionnaire
  • Theoretical contributions
  • Use of video sequences staging the different training concepts
  • Quiz exercises and digital feedback to better integrate the concepts

Evaluation methods:

Participants answer the same questionnaire before and after the training to measure the changes obtained during the training.

Accessibility for disabled people (contact us)

Average rating 4.6 / 5 based on 111 reviews

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This training brought me interesting knowledge for my work


The content of the training was sufficient for me to make progress


My learning was reinforced by the trainer's knowlegde and experience


The trainer knew how to adapt to my needs (adaptation to the professional context)


The materials used were useful for learning (book, manual, memo...)


The length of the training was adapted


The pace of the training helped my learning (difficulties, right balance between theory and practice)


Overall average


29 ComColors training sessions/ 8 certified trainers/300 attendees out of 303 answered from the Sept 19 to dec 19

99% of attendees gave their opinion

Our training process

Our educational approach is divided into 3 stages to obtain the behavioural changes expected from trainees

Before the training

Preliminary diagnostic questionnaire : Personality profile + skill level measurement

One hour E-learning to discover the 6 types of personality

During the training

Use of the App ComColors® with the trainees during the seminar

Using smartphone serious games: fun quiz + digital feedbacks between participants

After the training

Support for the implementation of training with the ComColors® App

Themes of notifications sent: Motivation, teambuilding, relationship, sales

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