The ComColors® model

The philosophy of the ComColors® model

> Be yourself to succeed


The ComColors model is the tool for knowing yourself and others at the heart of our approach to supporting teams and companies.

This simple, colorful and fun model is simple to understand and provides concrete answers to relationship difficulties. The quality of relationships is at the heart of the performance of teams and therefore of companies.
The fundamental approach of the ComColors model is to get each individual to accept himself as he is to build on his strengths, his natural abilities: his talents. To allow yourself to be as you are is ultimately to allow others to be as they are. This change of outlook on oneself and on others modifies relationships in depth and makes it possible to achieve unusual performances.

The ComColors model explains what drives us to act as we do every day. Throughout the day, we adopt the behaviours of at least one of the 6 personality types of the ComColors model. Knowing your personality type allows you to identify precisely:

  • Our way of perceiving the world and our mode of communication

  • What drives our decisions

  • What puts us under pressure

  • What drives us into conflicts

  • The environment that places us in the best conditions for success

  • The role we play as a team

The applications of the ComColors® model


 ComColors® in companies


The applications of the ComColors model are very broad since they are centered on the individual’s potential, the relationship and the performance of the teams. The most frequent are:

  • Teambuilding

  • The performance of sales teams

  • Managerial agility : Giving feedback, leading meetings, conducting interviews, motivating

  • Interpersonal communication

  • Leadership

  • Stress management

  • Conflicts management

  • Presentation skills

The contributions of the ComColors® model

In these 3 short videos, discover what a personality type is, the conflict it generates in oneself and how the ComColors model resolves this internal conflict

1-What is a personality type?

Personality types are scientifically measurable and each individual adopts the behaviour of at least one personality type

2-The internal conflict

It can occur that our personality type may be in conflict with the educational principles that we have received

3-Discover oneself

The ComColors model’s approach is to resolve this internal conflict by allowing yourself to be you



Origin and history of the ComColors® model

The model was created at the Lycée Cassin d’Arpajon en 2005 by Franck JULLIEN. This model is the result of 30 years experiences and of a research work supervised by a Ph D psychology doctor

What makes the ComColors® model different?

Unlike other personality models that just measure personality types, the ComColors® model measures the specific behaviours of each type which are: 1 motivation – 2 stress behaviours – 3 conflict behaviours. This research work of more than 18 months was supervised by Fabien Fenouillet, Doctor of Psychology, Teaching researcher at the University of Paris-Ouest Nanterre  and also motivation specialist. Watch the video  for a short explanation or click here to read this research work.
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Train yourself to become a certified trainer or coach with ComColors®


ComColors® certified trainers / coaches have taken 11 days of training over 8 months.

They can train people to undestand the ComColors model, debrief the questionnaire and work with teams. They have a whole set of ComColors tools and have follow-up trainings to stay up to date with developments

Only certified ComColors® trainers can deliver ComColors® trainings with ComColors® tools or debrief the ComColors® profile.




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