ComColors® certification program


The ComColors module is simple, fun and educational to get to know yourself better and take possession of your own potential

Prerequisite: none

Method: Hybrid training program (face to face, digital training)

Access delay

  • Intercompanies –> Contact us
  • Companies –> Contact us

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  • Master the ComColors model concepts to facilitate ComColors trainings
  • Understand different animation techniques and optimize your training posture (win-win)
  • Master the debriefing technique of the ComColors profile
  • Know how to use the Team profile to facilitate teambuilding trainings
  • Optional Module:
  • Know how to identify customers needs
  • Know how to design a training process and use the methods adapted to the training 
  • Know how to sell your training/services at the right price


  • Filmed training situations by participants
  • Exercices, digital tools, E-learning 
  • Presentations
  • Constitution of peer groups
  • Long term training

Evaluation methods: Between training sessions, participants have online evaluations on the previous trainings. Before the final certification, a digital test measures the theorical knowledge of the participants.

Access to disabled people  (contact us)

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